Trip Leader: Michelle Brown

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre-Departure Plans?

Going to bed at all?
Our trip has the distinction of leaving the earliest in the morning of all the GCP groups this year. While the Wales group leaves first--on Thursday at around 5 pm--we meet at the Student Center at 1:30 am for a 2 am bus departure. Did you catch that? I said: A. M. What are you going to do between bedtime (presuming yours is prior to 1:30 a.m.) and our meeting time? What will you be doing during the half hour we're waiting for our van to depart? And, most importantly, what do you think you'll do during the long slogs at Dulles Airport and on the planes (yes, that's plural: we're taking three planes directly to Tobago). Shall we bring playing cards? Meet at Sheetz at 1:20 for mega-coffees? Ideas? On the flip side: once we land and begin our adventure, we'll decide the wait was worth it!


  1. I'll be in class til at least 8pm Thur so I'm thinking a lot of cat naps & Coca-cola are in store for Friday :) The excitement will also keep me going!!! Playing cards & music are good for killing time (or a little studying/reading).

  2. Im usually so excited before any adventure... sleep just doest fit into the agenda... Who needs sleep anyway we are headed to T&T... I'll probably sit with the crew and chat it up :D... I don't think we will hear any complaints about lack of sleep.. Iv'e stayed up later for a party or studying.. but never for a getaway....

  3. See you there, guys! I'll have coffee in hand and will also be too excited to sleep!

  4. I am going CRAZZZYYY!! I want to leave tonight!
    It's so hard for me to focus on school!
    We gotta make it through midterms then were off!
    12 days guys! 12 days!
    :) :) :) :)

  5. Hey, at least you know you'll get a little sleep. I'm definitely checking with my doc about some melatonin for the IHD-MUC leg of our trip! Sometimes, it's worth skipping the meal on the plane :-)

  6. Agreed, Julie! Sleep trumps airplane food every time.