Trip Leader: Michelle Brown

Sunday, March 11, 2012

SU Shirts, Rubber Shoes Required

Today, Sunday, we hiked through the Bloody Bay Rain Forest on Tobago. We all wore brand-new, sparkling white SU tee shirts generously donated by the SU bookstore. While equatorial Tobago is now in its dry season, our three-hour informational hike through the rain forest entailed wading through streams and mud: sucking mud that tried to eat LaVonda's boot and mid-calf level mud that nearly obliterated the Hello Kitty image on Rosa's boot . Splish, splash, Layna took a mud bath! We'll post a good photo of all of us at Little Tobago's peak, holding the SU banner that Nick schlepped uphill during our hour-long afternoon hike on that island. Amanda wore her camera out, taking 300+ shots today. Sarah's mosquito-net pants were a major "Aha!" while Valerie arrived outfitted for Bird Day with her father's authentic field glasses. Our guide, Newton George, taught us so much about local birds and history that he's now Michelle's personal hero. Are those white shirts still white? Not on yer life, pardner; they're not even dry. We ended our excursion with snorkeling near the largest brain coral in the Western Hemisphere where we're pretty sure that Erin found Nemo. Back at our cabins, we peeled off our sweaty, Caribbean Sea-soaked, mud-spattered SU tee shirts and changed into dry clothes. We considered auditioning for the "before" segment of a laundry detergent commercial. Back to reality, we rejoined our favorite restauranteur Sharon for a creole shrimp dinner whose deliciousness was eclipsed only by the hilarious spectacle of Todd's dramatic attack by a man-eating grasshopper! It was this big. He survived. Up tomorrow: walkabouts in Scarborough, Tobago, and Port of Spain, Trinidad. We hope to have faster, less spotty internet connections in Port of Spain tomorrow, so watch for photos later!


  1. Sounds like you all are having a great time! Thanks for sharing your stories with those of us who aren't lucky enough to be in T&T right now. Miss you!

  2. Enjoy your GCP journey! I love turtles, so I cannot wait to hear about your turtle adventures!