Trip Leader: Michelle Brown

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Trip Adventures!

Tobago Map
The Trinidad and Tobago group arrived safely last night in Charlotteville, Tobago. Today we explored this rural fishing village, sampled just-caught kingfish and tuna, and hiked to Pirate's Bay where Amanda found a coconut. How many travelers does it take to open a coconut? Three: Mike, Nicholas, and Todd. LaVonda has been filming our adventures and outtakes. She'll post photos when we have more reliable internet access. Erin has been journaling and will post here soon. We're enjoying getting to know Pat, Pussycat, Sharon, and Newton, who live and work here in Charlotteville. Michelle is especially enjoying getting to know such a great group of SU folks. Tomorrow we'll hike in Bloody Bay Rain Forest and take a glass-bottom boat to Little Tobago's nature preserve where Valerie hopes to spot some beautiful birds. Sarah and Layna are excited to snorkel at the reef. We're having a great time in Trinidad and Tobago! Okay, travelers, let's post our adventure stories!


  1. Excited for all of you, jealous a bit knowing you are eating fresh seafood! Looking forward to more stories. Enjoy!

  2. Just in case you ever questioned it... The answer is Yes.. Yes Tobago is more beautiful than you can image it... the rainforest is breathtaking with exotic birds, plants and butterflies.. If your wonder if the food is good.. .YES YES Tobago has the freshest food.. catch of the day fish every lunch and dinner... hospitality from the locals is outstanding.. friendly smiling... caring people... Although I would love to share our experiences of snorkeling after hike through the two rainforest, I dont think I have the words or energy right now to try.. So stay tuned for pictures.. GCP 2012 T&T...